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script , storyboards, development


locations, permit and planning


lights, camera, action!


Animations 3d, color correction and sound design

Image by Omer Salom

Location is everything to get the message across to your audience and in an effective way. We take the hassle of researching which area best fits for a given task and make the necessary arrangements to secure it.

Image by Jakob Owens

Sound Design & Lights

The right light and sound system helps a video to stand out among a large production arena. There is no doubt that people will become frustrated if they can’t hear or bad lighting affects them. We focus on choosing and setting up the area according to the production needs to achieve the desired goals.

El astronauta luciérnagas Animación

3D Animation

 If you need your video to be animated and contain special effects, our production team will get the job done. This post-production feature, as critical as it is, will be perfect before submission to the wider public. We know the limit when it comes to effects and animations, so it doesn’t draw away from the real basis of the video.


Script Writing

Not sure what to put on paper that will attract and entertain your audience? We do! Our team is experienced in providing all the content you need based on the products and services you need to reach your audience. Also, it is not only based on your brand, but any script needed for video production, make it known, and the team will do the rest.

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 When it’s time to get the cameras rolling, you are only required to sit back and watch as our professional technicians do the different tasks as it relates to directing and producing the film. We cover every duty relating to fine-tuning the film and make it ready for posting.

Post Production Station

Editing & Color Correction

Editing & Color Correction

After the filming is complete, you will understand that there are edits that must be made, and our team has the capability of doing that efficiently. We have the tools and expertise to provide and clean video and audio, so your audience can be satisfied while watching.

Publicidad Chihuahua México

Films & Tv Production

Films & Tv Production

We will provide all the tools and necessary equipment for setup and efficient shooting as well as assess which equipment best suits the type of production you are seeking. After all, not all tools work for every video production, and we are here to help you along the right path.


Filming Aerial Drone

Filming Aerial Drone

Kontixu Visuals is providing aerial and ground photos and video for whatever your need is! From real estate photography and video tours to short commercials for your business, Kontixu Visuals has got you covered. With competitive prices, we offer high-quality photography and video to fit your needs.

Actuación en vivo


Live video streaming can be used for various events such as Meetings, Trade Shows, Presentations, Training Sessions, Continuing Education, Remote Interviews, Lectures, Concerts, Political Coverage, Sports, and more.

Film & Video Production
Company at Your Service in Mexico

Mexico, is our home, and what better place to offer customer-satisfaction service than in our backyard. We have been providing a wide range of video production services in Mexico for years and have set a determined standard always to offer the highest quality. Our services include:

Video Production for Social Media:
Reports have shown that most visitors on any given social platform will resort to watching a video than actually reading a two-paragraph content piece. For one, a video is more enticing, entertaining, and you can somehow interact more with a video post. As such, we take your content, resources, and goals and formulate the perfect video post that will grab the attention of your audience. We have the relevant tools to effectively alter your marketing strategy to appeal to your audience through video to achieve a boost in your online presence, organic leads and create trends that your competitors will want to emulate. We produce content that is suitable for all platforms to include LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Whether it be live cast (with people or animation) or it is a still video (with photos), you are guaranteed the best results.

Video Production for YouTube:
YouTube is the central spot for video production and posting, and you have to ensure you get it right from the beginning. We are a team that understands how the social platform works and what productions work best to yield results. We are capable of building your organic viewer list with quality and meaningful content that will appeal to your existing and new customer base.

Companies Intro Video:
Do you have a new company or brand that you want to introduce to your target audience? We will sell the content and concept for you through an effective introduction video. We will work to cover the basic aspect of what you want them to know, and depending on how you want to appeal, we will curate the video as such.

Testimonial Videos:
We also offer the production of testimonial videos so your potential clients will be convinced of the quality of your products and services. Whether you are looking to appeals to a local El Paso community or a wider reach, we have the relevant resources to give the results needed.

Product Videos:
Appeal to your audience with our efficient product advertising tactic that sells your product and services without being too “imposing.” We have the tools and resources to create the perfect advertising strategy so your audience can interact and learn more about your product.

Online Commercials:
Commercials are a great way to interact with your audience and, in the same sense, advertise your products and services. We create neutral commercials that are entertaining and attract the interaction of your audience.

Branding Videos:
Staying relevant among your competitors is one of the key factors that will help your business to progress and grow steadily. We offer branding video production that will help you to appeal to a general audience in hopes of turning viewers into potential leads.

Video Marketing:
Video Marketing is one of the most effective ways of building interaction and communication among your target audience ad through our video marketing production, you will be able to boost the engagement of your audience in a social way.

Film & Video Production
Company at Your Service


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